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  • What: LOVE LIFE is Hawaii's Number One Positive Lifestyles Talk-Radio Show. We feature Exciting Interviews with Extraordinary People Sharing Provocative Ideas. Blending Information with Entertainment, we talk about Everything in Life Worth Loving...

  • Why: Current Trend Analysis shows that Lifestyles Programming is the Art form being developed for the 1990's and into the 21st Century... ...Love, Inspiration, & Entertainment brings relief from the Dehumanized World of the Information Super Highway.

  • When: LOVE LIFE is Globalcast worldwide.

  • Who: LOVE LIFE is hosted by Talk-Show Veteran Matthew Gray and Relationship Counselor Angelina. It's Love in the Land of Aloha. Matthew & Angelina are partners on-the-air and off, sharing a sparkling chemistry that gets people hooked. They often play out the battle of the sexes in a delightful way that is both humorous and insightful.

  • Where: LOVE LIFE is available on any radio in the state of Hawaii, and will soon be heard WorldWide over the Internet.



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