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Matthew Gray & Angelina, hosts of the popular worldwide radio show, Love Life, based in Honolulu Hawaii, are sharing their expertise to help you become a more effective and more confident interview guest.

Together, they have more than forty years of radio, television and multimedia experience. Their entertaining and provocative show, Love Life Radio, based in Hawaii since 1993, is heard World Wide in over 100 countries.

Matthew has been in the talk-radio business for more than twenty years, (he's honored in the prestigious "Who's Who in American Media & Communications). Angelina is an award-winning filmmaker and former ABC television producer.

After interviewing thousands of guests, Matthew and Angelina know what "works" and what doesn't in an interview setting. All too often an interview never attains its full potential because of one factor -- the guest never learned how to give an effective interview. Great Interviews will show you how to succeed.

These personalized telephone consultations will help you become a more polished interview subject as well as a more effective salesperson for your book or current project.

A Great Interviews Media Appearance Consultation is $100 per hour. This is one of the best gifts you can give your career.

Matthew and Angelina guarantee that you will:

  • Learn your strengths as a guest.
  • Understand and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Improve all facets of your on-air personality.

You will also learn to:

  • Identify ways to establish rapport with your hosts.
  • Properly prepare for an interview.
  • Set realistic goals for your interviews.
  • Professionally handle all interview questions.
  • Neutralize negative hosts and call-in guests.
  • Improve your vocal quality.
  • Successfully promote your book, product, and ideas during radio interviews.

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