Don't wait for Valentines Day
to start your own


It's fun! It's even legal!
And it will make a whole lot of people feel very, very happy.
Here's how we got started.

One night on our radio program, LOVE LIFE, in Honolulu, we asked people to call in and tell stories about "Random Acts of Kindness," that they had seen or participated in. We heard some delightful and heartwarming stories.
Then the conversation shifted to "Anonymous Acts of Kindness."

That night when we arrived home from the radio show,
someone had left us a dozen pink roses outside our door!

There was no note, no card. Who could it be? We racked our brains.
Who knew our address, was awake at 10 PM to hear our show, and had access to a dozen roses at that hour of night? Who was romantic enough to make the effort? And who was playful enough to leave them anonymously?

At first we had no idea who fit all the clues. Then we began by making a list of possible love suspects. The list got longer. We pondered sweet and delightful acts of retaliation. Sending everyone a gift would've been way too expensive. Finally we settled on a love letter campaign.

We would send all of our friends an anonymous love letter!

Imagine getting a charming love letter and you didn't know who sent it. What would you do? You might start to think about the people you know who might possibly have sweet feelings toward you. You might start to pay attention to people you've been overlooking. You would start to look at people with new and softer eyes. You would be very curious indeed!

So we sent our anonymous love letters to everyone we knew. They in turn sent them to all their friends. And so, our "Love Conspiracy" was born. It was such a success, that we created an on-line version.

On our WebSite, you can send anyone in the world (who has e-mail) one of our Anonymous Love Letters. People from over 160 different countries have participated in the Love Conspiracy, and over One Million letters have been sent. Many people who get one will immediately turn around and send one to all the possible people who might have sent them theirs.

So, our Love Conspiracy is now world wide. We get e-mail from people, begging us to tell them who sent them their letter. But we are sworn to secrecy. They will just have to reply by sending love letters to everyone they know.

Why not start your own Love Conspiracy in your workplace or with your family and friends? Stand back and watch the warm fuzzy feelings fly!

We'd love to hear your stories about what happened to you with your Love Conspiracy.

And when you're ready to declare your love for the entire world to see,
come visit Declare Your Valentine's Wish to the World!